The bail process can seem complicated at first. With so many different factors involved, no case can be exactly the same. We have complied a list of the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

  • How is the amount of Bail in the San Antonio area determined? 

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After being arrested, the amount of the bail bond needed will be determined by a judge at a bail hearing. This amount will be set by a judge or the police, based on the risk the defendant has to themself or others. This all takes place in what is called an arraignment, or an “arraignment hearing”. The amount of money that is requested by the judge is the bail. Bail can run from just a few hundred dollars all the way up to hundreds of thousands. It all depends on the crime, the defendants record, and whether you dealing with the Bexar County jail.

Once this is set, then the next step is Getting out of the Bexar County Jail as quickly as possible!

Well, that’s what Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez is for! Most people don’t have the large amounts of cash the Bexar county jail is requesting. However, they do have a portion. That is where we will assist you.

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  • What is the First Step to Getting Fast San Antonio Bail Bond?

The key to getting out of Bexar County jail quickly is the speed with which you post bail. So the faster you get the bond, the faster you get the money; and thus the faster you get out of jail.

So, the moment you, a friend or loved one finds yourself in jail, immediately call Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez  at 210-224-5245.

We will need to know:

  • The defendants full name
  • What Jail They’re In

We can typically locate the defendant immediately or you can do a <a href=””>Bexar County Inmate Search</a> from the Bexar County Sheriff’s website. We will then be able to see the exact amount of bail that needs to be posted.

  • How Long Does It Take to Obtain a Bail Bond in San Antonio?

From start to finish, getting a bail bond can take as little as 20 minutes. Much of the time will depend on whether or not the person paying for the bond has access to a credit card or the needed collateral to purchase the bond; as well as the all the information that will be needed regarding the defendant.

  • Can Bail Bonds Be Financed?

Most often the answer is yes. Financing can be arranged.There are a number of no collateral payment plans available. In addition, we also accept credit cards.

  • Once Bail is Posted, When Can The Defendant Get Out of the Bexar County Jail?

By paying the bail quickly the defendant will be released from jail immediately. They are free to go about their normal daily life until the scheduled court date.

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    How much do bail bonds cost?

We get this question quite frequently. The quick answer is that a bail bond in San Antonio can typically cost around 10% of the full amount of bail the specific court is requesting.

For example, if bail at the Bexar County jail is set at $5,000; then a bondsman will typically charge $350 – $500 for a $5,000 bail bond. That’s not bad if you think about it, because the bondsman is posting $5,000 up front and taking all the risk.